Student Photography presented King Street

Student Photography

Picture Perfect

Those with an eye for photography can submit their talented work in the Photography Competition presented King Street.

The Student Photography class encourages emerging artists to showcase their budding talents and recognises and rewards the next generation of passionate photographers.

Australian Curriculum Alignment

This competition is aligned and recommended for Year 9 & 10 students, however all year levels are welcome to enter.

Media Arts

Year 9 - 10

Content Descriptions


Develop and refine media production skills to integrate and shape the technical and symbolic elements in images, sounds and text for a specific purpose, meaning and style (ACAMAM075)

Plan and design media artworks for a range of purposes that challenge the expectations of specific audiences by particular use of production processes (ACAMAM076 )

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Important Dates
17 February 2020
Entries open
29 May 2020
Entries close
23 June 2020 09:00 - 17:00
Delivery of exhibits commences (weekdays only)
08 July 2020
Delivery of exhibits ends 5pm
18 July 2020
24 August 2020 09:00 - 17:00
Collection of exhibits commences (weekdays only)
04 September 2020
Collection of exhibits ends 5pm
Useful Information
Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Frances Maguire
Phone: 07 3253 5145
RNA Reception: 07 3253 3900