Education on Show

Education on Show

Competition Overview

Education on Show is a competition devoted to showcasing work by Queensland students from prep to year 10. The competition covers a wide range of contemporary curriculum-related skills and activities and is open to all school students to enter.

It is hard to imagine that from a tiny insignificant seed, given the right conditions and enough time, a magnificent tree can grow. Like a seed, sometimes that spark of an idea or plan, just needs the right environment to flourish. What could be a small action today could have a huge impact on the future.

This year the Education on Show competition will embrace the theme ‘Let it Grow’. Whether it be the growth of a plant or animal, the growth of an idea or even personal growth such as friendship or courage, the theme Let it Grow gives a strong message that without growth there would be no change.

Students will be able to come see winning work on display to the public during the show period.

See the competition guide for the relevant curriculum alignment. 

Entries open: 31 January 2022

Entries close: 22 July 2022

Judging: 27 July 2022

Cost: $5 per exhibitor (any number of entries)

Entries close in 22 days
Important Dates
Entries open
22 July 2022
Entries close
27 July 2022
Judging & Awards
Contact Competition Coordinator
Phone: 07 3253 3900