Competition Overview 

The Sushi Hub Canine Competition at Ekka is a highly anticipated event with more than 2,000 annual entries. Dogs from a diverse range of breeds compete in different categories like "Toys", "Working Dogs", and "Terriers", as well as showcasing their skills in Rally, Dances with Dogs, Agility, and Jumping.

Supported by Plush Puppy, this prestigious competition highlights the versatility of dogs in various disciplines. With sponsors contributing to its success, the event provides a platform for participants to showcase their dogs abilities.

The upcoming Canine Competition will feature an exclusive Royal Show that will run all week and a daily captivating Specialty Show, hosted simultaneously in two distinguished rings. Get ready for an exceptional showcase of canine excellence at Ekka24!

The Group allocation dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • Saturday, August 10 - Group 7 - Non-Sporting
  • Sunday, August 11 - Group 4 - Hounds
  • Monday, August 12 - Group 6 - Utility
  • Tuesday, August 13 - Group 2 - Terriers
  • Wednesday, August 14  - Group 1 - Toys
  • Thursday, August 15 - Group 3 - Gundogs
  • Friday, August 16 - Group 5 - Working Dogs

Contact Competition Support
Name: Audrey Rudd
Phone: 07 3253 5145