Student Bush Poetry

Student Bush Poetry

Competition Overview 

Pint-sized poets can showcase their budding talents in the Student classes of the Bush Poetry Competition. Students can recite anything from poems by published authors such as Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson to original works crafted themselves.

This year the competition will feature both virtual and live performance classes. 

Virtual contestants will be required to upload a video of them performing any poem (original or existing) under six minutes in length. This competition will be judged after Ekka with the winners announced after the 2022 Ekka.

Live performers will be required to perform their poem under the relevant school class in person at the Ekka. Prizes for the in person competition will be issued on the day of judging.

This competition is an excellent way for students to reconnect the city with rural stories.

This competition is aligned and recommended for Year 4 students. However, all year levels are welcome to enter.


Live performance

Entries open: 27 April 2022

Entries close: 18 July 2022

Judging: August 6 2022

Cost:$4.00 per entry

Australian Curriculum Alignment:

  • Understand, interpret and experiment with a range of devices and deliberate word play in poetry and other literary texts, for example nonsense words, spoonerisms, neologisms and puns (ACELT1606 - Scootle )
  • Create literary texts that explore students’ own experiences and imagining (ACELT1607 - Scootle )
Useful Information

Contact Competition Coordinator
Phone: 07 3253 3900