Young Judges

Virtual Young Judges presented by Arrow Energy

Although the 2020 Ekka was cancelled due to COVID-19 planning is now underway for the 2021 show.

Competition Overview

The Young Judges Competition presented by Arrow Energy gives aspiring judges the opportunity to showcase their budding talents.

The competition features seven categories; Stud Beef, Led Steer, Dairy Cattle, Stud Sheep, Dairy Goats, Horses and Poultry.

Entry is FREE and open to people aged 25 years and under, with the competition featuring a Junior Class for under 15 year-olds and a Senior Class for 15 to 25 year-olds.

Despite the cancellation of the 2020 Ekka, the Young Judges Competition was able to run in a modified format as part of Ekka 2020 Online. The young judges were required to view the images and videos below, ranking the animals from 1-4 based on specific criteria and provide a three-minute video outlining their reasoning for the order.



2020 Educational Resources

Information Booklet - How to Judge Show Animals

How to Judge Stud Beef & Led Steers

How to Judge Meat Sheep

How to Judge Poultry

Judging Videos - Watch & Judge!

Stud Beef

SET 1: Stud Beef [Charolais Bulls] - Stills

Led Steer

SET 1: Led Steer [Light Weight] - Stills

SET 2: Led Steer [Medium Weight] - Stills

Dairy Cattle

SET 1: Dairy Cattle [Jersey Cows] - Stills

SET 2: Dairy Cattle [Guernsey Heifers - Dry] - Stills

Stud Sheep

SET 1: Stud Sheep [Texel Rams] - Stills

SET 2: Stud Sheep [Texel Ewes] - Stills

Dairy Goats

SET 1: Dairy Goats [Anglo-Nubian] - Stills

Dairy Goat #1Dairy Goat #2Dairy Goat #3Dairy Goat #4


13 Months6 years3 years3 years

Lactation Number


Pregnancy Status

3 months in kidCurrently not in kid4 months in kid1 week pre kidding


SET 1: Horse - Stills


SET 1: Poultry- Stills

We would like to thank the following exhibitors for their support and for allowing us to showcase their animals in this competition:

  • Brendan Scheiwe from Brendale Charolais
  • Jason Beattie from JDH Fitting Service
  • Scots PGC College
  • Peter Hood from Hood Plain View
  • Jasmin and Chloe Wilson from Jazstar
  • Owen Glover
  • Laurie and Denise Dunne from Fernybank
  • Brett Welsh and Melanie Marshall Welsh from Allstars Australian Performance Horses
Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Sarah Wicks
Phone: 07 3253 3927
RNA Reception: 07 3253 3900