5 Veggies to Grow this Winter

5 Veggies to Grow this Winter

06 June 2019

5 Veggies to Grow this Winter

Growing veggies in your home garden is a great way to get some fresh air, save money and eat tasty produce.

We recommend sowing your seeds early in June to ensure good germination. You can even start off by planting seeds in small pots or trays and placing in a warmer spot on your patio to give your veggies the best start.

Our top 5 are:


Easy to grow, Broccoli can be grown in seed trays. Sow the seeds into the soil about three times deeper than the length of the seed. We recommend transferring them into your veggie patch in 4-6 weeks and are ready to harvest in 8-12 weeks. Don’t forget to water them regularly and fertilise monthly.


This family salad favourite loves the cooler months and sun however, they should be planted in partial afternoon shade. Small backyard owners can easily grow them in pots - with a 30cm pot being able to support the growth of one large iceberg lettuce. If planting directly into your garden, scatter the seeds on top of prepared soil about 15-30cm apart and very lightly cover with soil before gently patting down. Harvest in 8-12 weeks.


Fast to grow, peas are perfect for the beginner gardener and germinate within a week of planting. Ready to plant seedlings can be found in your local garden centre or you can grow from seed (our preference). Space your seeds 5-8cm apart. If the pea plant you have chosen is the climbing type, you can fix a 1-2m bamboo or wooden rod near to the seedling for it to climb on. The pea pods should be ready to harvest in 9-11 weeks. We recommend picking young pea pods every day to stimulate new growth.


Available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, onions are a kitchen staple. When growing, first plant in seed trays and replant in 4-6 weeks into your veggie patch. Seeds should be spaced about 5-10cm apart. You can harvest them in 25-34 weeks and its recommended you allow your onions to dry before storing.


Spinach loves winter and doesn’t need much space to grow. Best sown straight into the garden, the seeds should be spaced about 20-30cm apart. Spinach loves growing next to onions and peas and can be harvested in 5-11 weeks.

Top Tips

  • Caterpillars and white butterflies love veggies. Keep them away by placing white egg shells around the base of your veggies. You can also sprinkle some cayenne pepper (found in your local supermarket) on the leaves to keep your unwanted guests away.
  • Water your crops early in the morning. Watering in the evening makes your veggies at risk of disease.