An ag-ucational journey 

The Ekka Learning Trail is our self-guided Ekka Excursion activity that provides students with their own ‘passport booklet’ and encourages them to journey around the grounds to collect stamps from each of the eight learning trail points. It offers engaging learning opportunities at Ekka about a variety of agricultural topics and educates them about everything from farming to animal lifecycles and behaviours. An Ekka Excursion provides sensory, hands-on experience for students such as interacting with and feeding goats, sheep and more in the animal nursery, cradling baby chicks, milking dairy cows and becoming a little backyard farmer.

Stories in the Stables is a range of agricultural books read online by our own Farmer Rhonda accompanied with curriculum aligned literature teaching notes for your classroom. The included books connect with our 8 Learning Trail points at Ekka. The online Stories on the Stables book videos alongside the literature teaching notes, present an immersive experience for students before their excursion to Ekka. The supplied questions and classroom activities demonstrate the value of our Australian farmers, animals and land and encourage a deeper understanding of the agricultural elements of the Ekka Learning Trail.

Click here for the Literature Teaching Notes

The Learning Trail Teacher’s Guide will include post-excursion classroom resources all connected with the Australian Curriculum. The document will have corresponding videos, activities and worksheets for teachers and students from agricultural industry experts that highlight the value of exploring agriculture in the classroom. The included links provide teachers with direct access to numerous learning opportunities, all with curriculum alignment and grade accessibility information. The resources to be supplied will have both digital and hands-on materials for students to build connections to the importance of food and fibre.

The Ekka Excursion Information Booklet has been developed to assist teachers in completing school excursion consent forms and risk assessments. This document provides further detail regarding the proposed activities, teacher/educator supervision, transport, dress code, medical and personal information and excursion costs.

The Educational Extras guide is designed to highlight the many additional activities, displays, exhibits, and demonstrations that enhance the educational offering at the Ekka.