Learning Trail

Learning Trail

An ag-ucational journey 

The Ekka Learning Trail will take children on an ag-ucational journey through six trail points. On the trail, they’ll get to taste fresh produce straight from the farm, hold cute baby chicks, meet a dairy farmer and much more.

It's vital that the next generation understands that everything starts with agriculture, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. The trail will teach them what a day in the life of a dairy farmer entails, how to care for baby chicks, the journey of an egg from farm to plate, the different products made using fleece and more.

The six trail points are:

  • Agricultural Hall
  • Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion
  • RACQ Animal Nursery
  • Norco Shed
  • Journey of an Egg presented by Australian Eggs
  • Sheep Shearing

Students can complete the journey in any order.