Ekka Learning Trail

Ekka Learning Trail presented by Seqwater

The Learning Trail 

The Ekka Learning Trail presented by Seqwater is a free activity that takes children aged 5-12 years on an educational journey.

This year, the learning trail will take students through six key learning hubs. Each station will highlight an area of innovation within the industry in which it is placed. This will be achieved by featuring each technology in the context in which it is used, as well as providing a stand-up sign that outlines information on the technology.

Students will ‘check-in’ at each location on the trail and use the information they have found to answer a design solution question at the final station.

The students will be able to interact with the Ekka App, using the AR function and map function to help take them on their journey.

Australian Curriculum Alignment

This trail is aligned and recommended for year levels 1 - 6, however all year levels are welcome to participate.