Ekka Learning Trail

Ekka Learning Trail

Follow the learning trail 

Kids will be inspired as they follow the Ekka Learning Trail presented by Seqwater each step of the way.

There are 10 exciting trail points this year (listed below) with the kids given a letter at each checkpoint to spell a special code word.

Once they finish the trail and have the word, they can fill out the form below to win Seqwater merchandise.

Trail Point 1: Agricultural Hall presented by Seqwater - meet you at the dam

Trail Point 2: Agricultural Hall presented by Seqwater - meet a fish

Trail Point 3: Queensland Government Precinct - meet the Get Ready team

Trail Point 4: The Old Museum - meet a scarecrow

Trail Point 5: Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion - meet the food

Trail Point 6: Horse Breeds Expo - meet a horse

Trail Point 7: Dog Pavilion - meet a show dog

Trail Point 8: The CRT Pavilion - meet a cow

Trail Point 9: The CRT Pavilion - meet a chook

Trail Point 10: Woodchop Arena - meet a woodchopper

Ekka Learning Trail Form

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