Student Photography

Student Photography

Picture Perfect

Year 9 – 10

Those with an eye for photography can submit their talented work in the Photography competition.

The School Photography class encourages emerging artists to showcase their budding talents and recognises and rewards the next generation of passionate photographers.

Australian Curriculum Alignment

This competition is aligned and recommended for Year 9 & 10 students, however all year levels are welcome to enter.

Design & Technologies

Year 9 - 10

Content Descriptions



Develop and refine media production skills to integrate and shape the technical and symbolic elements in images, sounds and text for a specific purpose, meaning and style (ACAMAM075)


  • Refining use of production skills by working collaboratively to ensure that work meets expectations, for example, fulfilling a brief developed by in-school clients
  • Designing media artworks to communicate with a particular audience, for example, applying genre conventions or refining use of sound and movement
  • Considering viewpoints – forms and elements: For example – What genres and styles can I edit together to create a new genre or style?

Produce and distribute media artworks for a range of community and institutional contexts and consider social, ethical and regulatory issues (ACAMAM077)


  • Producing media artworks for safe posting on suitable social media sharing sites, taking account of ethical and legal responsibilities
  • Considering viewpoints – critical theories: For example – What are the social and ethical implications of a viral marketing campaign?
  • Investigating the production context of a media artwork and producing the work within a specified budget and timeline

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Entries close in 99 days
Important Dates
31 May 2019
Entries close
Useful Information
Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Stephanie Dell
Phone: 3253 3936
RNA Reception: 3253 3900
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