Meet Farmer Kay

Scenic Rim dairy farmer, Kay Tommerup, is helping the RNA build a strong connection between farmers and our community.

Celebrating and showcasing agriculture has been at the core of Ekka since the first show in 1876 and this year, the RNA is inviting everyone to meet a farmer.

Kay said she partnered with the Ekka because she wanted to shine a light on the work and importance of farming.

“I believe agriculture is an undervalued industry here in Queensland and the reality is that our kids aren’t having the farm experiences earlier generations had,” she said.

“At Tommerup’s we are not only passionate about our animals, but we open our gates to families for a farmstay experience, and we can see that the Ekka is also committed to delivering grassroots agricultural experiences.

“I got involved with the  Ekka because I want to help the RNA connect show goers to agriculture and to educate people on how our state’s farmers produce some of the best food and clothing products in the world,” she said.

RNA Chief Executive Brendan Christou said it was vital that people understand where their food and clothing actually comes from.

“Research shows that Australian children struggle to identify fruit and vegetables and are confused about where produce came from,’’ he said.

“A study of six to 17 year olds in 2014 found 92 per cent of Australian children didn’t know bananas grew on plants, 70 per cent had no idea where sugar came from, more than half weren’t aware beetroot grew in the ground and more than one in four thought yoghurt came from a tree.

“The Ekka is a true educational showcase which offers the public the chance to come, meet, learn and engage with farmers, farm animals and their produce.”

The Ekka is an authentic Queensland experience that brings country and city together like no other.

Meet Farmer Ian 

Ian and his wife Sue are sixth generation cattle graziers.

They run Ladybrook Farm - a 2,600 acre working cattle property in Darlington, Queensland.

Meet Farmer Dave

Passionate about local produce, Dave and his family run a 200 acre family property in Kerry, Queensland. Predominantly a dairy farm, in most recent years the family have diversified to become a mixed farm business. In addition to their dairy heard, they farm free range pigs, sheep and goats, yearling beef, open range hens & eggs and fresh farm vegetables.


Meet Farmer Sonia

Passionate Sonia and her husband Jeremmy manager Currey Flowers - a family owned and operated flower farm in Karalee, Queensland. They supply florists and wholesalers locally and throughout Queensland. They are dedicated to producing the highest standard of flowers and are advocates for buying Australian made and owned produce.