Patrik Williams

Patrik Williams


From a young age, Patrik always loved entertaining, and was always surrounded by music within his family. He eventually developed a dual love for magic tricks and music of all things. Later on in his life, he became familiar with classical and virtuosic music, which later became the foundation for his unique percussive playing style. Listening to bands such as Bastille and The Black Keys, he became a huge fan of fancy hooks and meaningful lyricism. However, it wasn't until he discovered Daniel Champagne that everything changed. Daniel's unique guitar style resonated with Patrik, and he started to imitate the style in a way he thought was correct, until finally discovering his own perspective on the percussive acoustic genre. To this day, Patrik owns the style and strives to constantly master his craft, and develop new complex, yet astounding melodies that are truly beautiful for the ear.





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