Normie Rowe

Normie Rowe


Normie’s is the story that could never have been written. It had to be lived. He is the baby boomer’s baby boomer. It’s hard to imagine a life more lived. His early 60s performances at Melbourne’s northern suburb’s Town Hall dances led to his discovery by the producer of the country’s most influential teen Pop TV program – The GO!! Show. Management, a recording contract and an extraordinary string of Top 10 singles led to the most visible and frenzied concerts and media coverage the country had seen for an Australian artist. Then, infamously, while making similar in-roads in the UK, Normie returned for a short tour only to be called up for military service and spent his arbitrary two-year service in Vietnam. On his return to civilian life, his Pop career finished, he began the process of educating and broadening his skills. 50 years later he is an accomplished actor, singer, musician and media communicator. He received the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his services to Vietnam Veterans and he’s a member of the ARIA Hall of Fame. He is a national treasure. He is a legend.





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