MASTERCLASS COOKING SCHOOL with Pepes Mexican Restaurant

MASTERCLASS COOKING SCHOOL with Pepes Mexican Restaurant


Mesut Muhaciroglu is the restaurant manager of Pepe's Newmarket Mexican Restaurant. He graduated from The university of Uludag, Turkey with bachelor degrees in international relations in 2010. After graduation he moved to Australia and since than he has been working at Pepe's Newmarket Mexican Restaurant since 2011. Some of his duties are taking reservations, ensuring compliance with licensing, hygiene and health safety legislation, recruiting, training and supervising staff etc. In his spare time, Mesut enjoys spending time with his family wife Merve, his son Jan and their Pug Ruhi other hobbies include reading, writing, politics and robotics. Guests also receive a complimentary Spotlight cooking apron. Secure your spot by visiting the Cooking School registration desk on the day.





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