Little Backyard Farmers

Little Backyard Farmers


There are six hands-on stations where children are taught the importance of future sustainability practices through composting, planting seeds, growing vegetables and nurturing plants. With a basket in hand, children will collect produce at the stations, before sorting the items into compost, recycle or waste tubs. 1. Chicken Coop - kids will enter a large coop, searching for an egg to add to their basket among the chickens (props) and hay. They’ll learn about life cycles and raising hens. 2. Flowers and Bees - in this colour matching activity, children will wear a pair of coloured cellophane sunglasses and weave their way through a giant flower garden to collect pollen. They’ll put their pollen disc into the beehive, before moving to the next station. 3. Veggie Patch: Planting - children will dig in a garden bed, planting vegetable seeds. They’ll also learn about the importance of worm activity in the garden. 4. Veggie Patch: Harvesting - children will harvest vegetables to learn about garden care and growth. They’ll find out how long different fruits and vegetables take to grow and will add some lettuce, potatoes and carrots to their basket. 5. Fruit Orchard - children will water apple and orange trees (props) and pick a fruit for their basket. They’ll also have to identify whether certain fruits and vegetables are in fact a fruit or a vegetable. 6. Compost and Recycle - using their basket of produce and other items, children will learn what to compost and what to recycle. They’ll sort the items into compost, recycle or waste tubs. At the end of the activity, the kids will receive a seedling to take home and plant, to start their backyard farming journey.





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