JBS MASTERCLASS with Ben Borsht, Cooking with Beef

JBS MASTERCLASS with Ben Borsht, Cooking with Beef


A classic 'Brisbane bloke', Ben has a laid-back approach in the kitchen being able to whip up delicious creations with ease. Ben’s passion for cooking was strengthened through his experience on MasterChef Australia, and has fueled his desire to continue on his journey with food. Ben has just recently come back from a trip to Portugal where he was the Australian guest at the Festival Rota do Atum, the annual Tuna Festival which sees chef’s from around the world showcase their cuisines! Ben has completed his second series of his online cooking show called ‘CatchMe with Ben Borsht ’ where he takes his viewers through the basics of preparing and cooking both seafood and entertaining food on both IGTV & his YouTube channel with an eBook available for both series for purchase on his website.





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