Horse Judging - Palominp & Pinto Led & Under Saddle

Horse Judging - Palominp & Pinto Led & Under Saddle


Palomino horses are yellow or gold in colour, with a white or light cream mane and tail. Their coat can also range in colour from cream to dark gold. They are actually defined as a saddle horse or pony and can be a Quarter Horse, part-bred Arabian, part Thoroughbred or pony - as long as it has a golden coat. Their origins are unclear, however golden horses have featured in old drawings and texts around the world for hundreds of years. Watch as the striking Pinto Horses and their riders compete in the Main Arena. Stallions are eligible to compete. Pinto horses have large patches of white and another color on their coats. Pintos originated from wild horse herds breeding with European horses. The horses were brought to America by settlers, and they were eventually domesticated by the Native Americans.





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