Fireworks Spectacular - A Celebration of the Human Spirit

Fireworks Spectacular - A Celebration of the Human Spirit


More than three tonnes of fireworks will shoot skyward each night of Ekka from 200 positions - that’s 500kg (or 1,000 shots) more of fireworks and 50 more positions than last year. The theme this year is ‘A Celebration of the Human Spirit,’ recognising the remarkable resilience and determination of our farmers who are battling the drought. A 70m high and 40m wide pyro love heart will erupt from the centre of the Main Arena, in a tribute to our farmers who are the heartbeat of our nation - they feed and cloth us each day. The firsts don’t stop there - Dave Manchon and his team of equestrian performers will gallop at high speeds around the Main Arena, wearing world-first custom built backpacks shooting pyro as they ride. Also speeding around the arena will be eight quad bikes - the most ever seen during the night show - launching a specially designed range of fireworks in a high-octane display of colour and movement. As the breathtaking spectacular comes to an end, colourful streamers will shoot into the crowd - the perfect conclusion to any celebration. The Fireworks Spectacular soundtrack has been mixed by top DJ Justin Isaac, influenced by 80s rock bands such as Queen, Meat Loaf, KISS and Mötley Crüe, along with popular Top 40 songs. r before!





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