Ekka Pinball Arcade

Ekka Pinball Arcade


In a joint venture with Brisbane’s blossoming micro cosmos of arcade bars and pinball halls, the Ekka will be home to a pinball and games arcade featuring 50 pinball machines and 20 original arcade games for the 10 days of show, culminating with the Brisbane Pinball Masters on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 August. Players will also have the opportunity to set world record arcade attempts, attend arcade and pinball masterclasses, as well as compete in the highly anticipated Australian Kong Off 3. There will also be a Classics Pinball competition, Women’s Pinball Championship, the inaugural Australian Arcade Championship, and pinball and arcade competitions for junior Ekka visitors. The Ekka Pinball Arcade is open to all guests and aspiring pinball wizards from 9am to 10.30pm each day of show.





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