Dave Manchon's Equine Extravaganza

Dave Manchon's Equine Extravaganza


You'll be on the edge of your seat watching Dave Manchon and his team thunder onto the Main Arena. Back with a brand new equine extravaganza filled with incredible horsemanship, powerful performances and even a stampede of Brumbies, this will be a show to remember! Stay tuned for more details on their exciting act. Dave Manchon Leading industry identity and show creator Dave performs right across Australia with his spectacular equine shows and has a list of world first stunts to his name. The Aussie stockman has worked in both film and television alongside his talented livestock, including training the hero horse from the movie Shadows of the Past and being a guest presenter on TV shows such as Totally Wild and Toasted TV. Previously, Dave spent more than a year starring in the Australian Outback Spectacular. Donal Hancock Donal grew up on a cattle station in Injune, Queensland. He has performed in the Australian Outback Spectacular and was taken on by ‘Double Dan Horsemanship’ where he trained and travelled throughout the USA and Canada furthering his horse skills. He also established ‘Hancock Horsemanship’ to share what he has learnt.





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