Chandler Jay

Chandler Jay


At only 15 years of age, Chandler Jay is establishing himself as one of Brisbane’s finest young Contemporary Pop Music Artists. Not only is Chandler an accomplished Singer, but he is also an extremely talented Musician and Songwriter. Chandler has released two Singles this year, 'I’m Original’ (which was awarded Highly Commended in the Schools Section of the 2018 Queensland Music Awards) and ‘My Own Personal Pain’. Chandler’s enthusiasm, unique sound, piano and songwriting ability will have you questioning how he could be just 15 years of age. Chandler regularly performs at various venues around Brisbane and with a repertoire that covers various styles of music, audiences of all ages are amazed at his musical versatility. If you have seen Chandler Jay then you can be among those who can say they saw him perform on his way to the top.





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