Aussie FMX featuring superstar Brodie Carmichael

Aussie FMX featuring superstar Brodie Carmichael


For the very first time at Ekka, Queensland based Aussie FMX will impress with a show featuring world class athletes and a nail-biting ‘battle of the best’ crowd judged competition. With the riders performing some of the biggest tricks in the sport, they’ll be interrupted by their mascot Aussie The Kangaroo on a mini motorbike. In an action-packed comedy act, Aussie The Kangaroo will win over the crowd and convince his team to let him do a backflip on his 80cc mini. This act is the first of its kind in the world and while every kid in the crowd will be stunned by an oversized mascot kangaroo doing a back flip, the parents will be in awe as Aussie flips his 80cc mini bike upside down off a full-sized competition Freestyle Motocross ramp. The action won’t stop there - both the kids and adults will be holding their breath when three-time world record holder Brodie performs an Ekka first, pulling off a death-defying front flip!





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