A Drovers Tale with Equestrian Extraordinaire Dave Manchon

A Drovers Tale with Equestrian Extraordinaire Dave Manchon


Take your seat for an arena show featuring a colourful story told by an old drover sharing tales from the sunlit plains, campfires and stock camps of outback Queensland. The show, created especially for the Ekka, will roll onto the Main Arena with a Wool Wagon pulled by eight magnificent Clydesdales and a ground shaking stampede featuring 20 wild brumbies and 20 mini ponies that will blow the dust off your hat. Full of cheeky moments and must see action, industry leader Dave Manchon will put his shine on an Ekka outback experience that is guaranteed to impress, inspire and leave the audience wanting to shake the hands of all Queensland farmers. The show includes a salute to a time when outback Queensland was the wool capital of the world and features a massive 58 horses. The audience will even be lucky enough to meet an exotic horned Watusi bull called Drover - one of only two bulls of his breed in the country.





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