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Instaworthy Ekka Eats

Instaworthy Ekka Eats

Iconic Ekka Strawberry Sundaes  

Who can resist indulging in the Ekka’s sweetest icon, the Ekka Strawberry Sundae?!

More than 22,500 litres of ice-cream will be supplied by Brisbane based gourmet ice-creamery LICK to create the tasty treat, along with 6.2 tonnes of strawberries and 830 litres of fresh cream.

This year Ekka is celebrating its 30 year partnership with the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, with the profits raised from the sundaes going to a great cause.

Cotton Candy Ice Creamery – NEW

Imagine an ice cream cone filled with cotton candy and topped with ice cream and lollies - this crazy candy creation is sure to be a huge hit!

Portuguese Custard Tart – NEW

The most iconic Portuguese sweet, this tart has a traditional custard pastry consisting of a crème brûlée-like custard, caramelised in a crust of puff pastry. It was created more than 200 years ago by Catholic Sisters at Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon. Find it at the Lisboa Café.

Famous Funnel Cakes – RETURNING AFTER 2 YEARS 

An old favourite is returning for the first time since 2014, with funnel cakes back on the menu at Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion. A traditional show food, Ekka guests are sure to love this fried dough creation.

(Photo Famous Funnel Cakes) 

World’s hottest chilli

The Chilli Factory is sure to set Ekka guest’s worlds on fire. They grow the Carolina Reaper chilli, which holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s hottest chilli. Those brave enough will be able to try before they buy – if they can hack the heat they’ll get a sticker saying ‘I survived the Chilli Factory.’

Dippin Dots Ice Cream

Molecular gastronomy cooking is totally in right now and that’s why we love Dippin Dots Ice Cream. Using cryogenic freezing, you can get a cup of little icy beads packed full of flavour from vanilla and chocolate to bubble gum and fairy floss.

Supersized Hotdog

If you have enough room for a ruler length gourmet hotdog, then head to Gotzinger Smallgoods. We’re loving their ‘Big 30 cm German Brat’ and ‘Big 30 cm Kransky,’ both on a fresh bun.

Strawberry and Marshmallow Skewer

The popular strawberry and marshmallow skewer drizzled in chocolate definitely ticks the box as an Instaworthy sweet treat. It looks as impressive as it is tasty and you’ll find it at Berry Delicious.

Longboards Loaded Fries  

Apart from gourmet burgers, Longboards dishes up loaded chips. Choose between fries covered in slow cooked BBQ pulled pork and topped with cheese or fries topped with popcorn chicken pieces, gravy and cheese sauce.

$2 Cheese Toastie

An Ekka staple, you can’t go past a $2 cheese toastie! It won’t break the bank and it’s absolutely delicious – winning!

Coffee in a Cone - NEW

New to Ekka this year is coffee in a cone from the Coffee Galleria - very on trend and guaranteed to be super popular. It’s exactly as it sounds, a piccolo in a chocolate coated cone - delicious!

Vietnamese Nitro Pressed Ice Coffee - NEW

The District 1 stand is bringing a new concept to Ekka this year - cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas on tap! As high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect. They say it creates a much silkier and smoother coffee.

CocoWhip - NEW

Vegan ice cream is all the rage with the heath craze still going strong. This healthy soft serve is made from coconut water and can be topped with superfoods like chia seeds and goji berries, along with house made sugar free caramel sauce. Head to Whips and Co to try this tasty guilt-free treat.

Donuts with injectable flavours, cronuts and ice cream donut sandwiches

Croissant + donut = cronut. You’ll find these delicious creations at the Minus32 stand. They’ll also be selling donuts with injectable flavouring and ice cream donut sandwiches – donuts done in every way you can imagine!