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Sideshow Alley Rides

Sideshow Alley Rides

Sideshow Alley is a firm favourite with families, featuring 100+ rides and games plus 380+ types of showbags. The area first came about in 1877, when a merry-go-round featured at the second ever show.

2017 Favourites 

The Beast (extreme)

True to its name, The Beast is the largest travelling ride in the Southern Hemisphere – it’s 25 metres tall with a swing of 45 metres high and weighs a whopping 86 tonnes. It’s bound to get even the seasoned adrenaline junkie screaming as it swings back and forth like a pendulum, getting higher and higher, reaching speeds of 120kms an hour!  

With the force of a fighter plane, this fearsome ride has a 360 degree rotation – if you don’t have your eyes closed when you’re 147 feet in the air, you’ll be guaranteed of a stunning view. Built by Holland’s KMG International, the Beast has been touring Australia scaring 20 thrill seekers at a time. The Beast gets its name from king of the jungle King Kong and it’ll certainly be the king of rides at Ekka this year.

Star of the Show  (family friendly)

Sit back and admire Sideshow Alley from Australia’s first rotating gondola Ferris Wheel.  At more than 32 metres high, riders will enjoy wonderful 360 degree views as they spin in their fully enclosed gondola.  The rotation of each of the 24 gondolas is manually controlled by the rider, allowing them to spin at their desired speed.  The Star of the Show will certainly shine brightly at Ekka – it features the latest European LED lights with more than 35 colour patterns. Families will love stepping aboard this new Ferris Wheel and being whisked high into the sky. 

Royal Double Decker Carousel   (kiddie friendly)

Described as magical, spectacular and truly breathtaking, kids will love the chance to feel like royalty riding on this decadent carousel.

Cliff Hanger (extreme)

Feel like a superhero flying through the sky as you lie face down in the Superman position while the Cliff Hanger lifts you high in the air and twists and tilts you around, simulating a real flying experience.

Freak Out (extreme)

This ride is not for the faint hearted.  Get ready to be thrilled as the Freak Out swings and rotates up in the sky with its long swinging arm and surround sound music.

Crazy Spinning Coaster (family friendly)
Australia’s only spinning Roller Coaster - riders will descend into a maze of turns and steep drops. To add to these thrills, their car will start spinning as it travels down the track to give the rider a different experience every time.

Sky Flyer (family friendly) 

It’s a wave swinger on steroids! Soaring 35 metres into blue sky, this is one smooth ride, with the added bonus of a spectacular view over Sideshow Alley.

Pirate’s Revenge  (family friendly)
Be prepared - riders will get splashed as they embark on an adventure through the wild seas inhabited by pirates. This is Australia's only travelling water roller coaster.

Break Dance (family friendly)
Get ready to bust a move as you spin around to the hottest beats in Sideshow Alley. This feature attraction is loved by all ages, from teenagers to adults.


Euro Slide (kiddie friendly)
The biggest slide in the southern hemisphere has eight lanes of gravity fun, as you hurtle down the bumpy slide.

Other returning rides include: 

The Beast
Breakdance Ride/Frank Laurie Pty Ltd
Speed 2
Fantasy Flyer
Pirates Revenge
Maze of Mirrors
Space Roller
Dragon Wagon Ride
Pirate Ship
Cliff Hanger
Crazy Coaster
Hollywood Horrors 
Race a Rama
 Fantasy Cups
Mini Trucks Convoy
Red Barron Ride.
Jumbo Flying Elephants

Rides for Young Children

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