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Arm Wrestling Supermatches

Arm Wrestling Supermatches

When: 10am - 1pm Saturday 13 August 

Where: XXXX Stockmen's Bar and Grill 

In a battle of the bulging biceps, the Australian Armwrestling Federation will hold its 2017 Queensland State Title at Ekka.

Around 30 competitors will test their strength across three weight classes (lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight) in a double elimination competition. The competition will include both left and right-hand divisions, as well as weight classes divided into 80kg, 95kg, over 95kg categories.

From father and sons, husbands and wives and world title competitors, these strongmen and women will go arm to arm in a bid to take down their opponents.

If you think you've got unbeatable biceps and want to have a crack at the title, then head to and sign up, or head to XXXX Stockmen's Bar and Grill and register on the day between 10am and 11am.