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Ticketing FAQs

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Ticketing FAQs

What if I have a different combination of adults and children?
Up to 4 children can be added to the Ultimate Family Value Pack, Family Value Pack, Adult and Child Pass and Family Ride Value Pack at a discounted price. While the RNA is unable to offer value packs that cater to every combination of adults and children, the new tickets types and value added extras allow you to customise your Ekka experience and build a value pack suitable to you.

I am bringing a child under the age of 4. Do I need a ticket for that child?
Yes. Any child aged 4 and under at the day of entry is free however they will require a Little Ekka Pass ticket to gain entry to Show. The Little Ekka Pass is selected on the Payment page.

Do I have to buy an entry ticket with the value added extras?
Yes. Add-on tickets do not entitle the holder to entry to the Show. A Show entry ticket must also be purchased.

Do I have to enter through a particular gate if I pre-purchase my ticket?
Any entry gate will accept pre-paid Ekka tickets for general admission tickets and bundle ticket options. Special event tickets may be required to enter through a specific gate and will be identified when the ticket is purchased.

Can I buy the food and ride value packs through RACQ?
No. Unfortunately, the food value pack offers and ride offers are not available through the RACQ site. However, all general admission packages are available.

The website is broken or not working for me. What should I do?
Please check your internet connection or try a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome). If you are still unable to purchase your tickets online, please call the RNA on 07 3253 3900. 

Ekka Ride Card FAQs

What is the Ekka Ride Card?
Instead of having to buy your ride tickets with cash when you're at the Show, the Ekka Ride Card allows you to pre-purchase your Sideshow Alley ride ticket amount.  When you've picked a ride you want to go on you just buy a ride ticket by presenting the card to be scanned at the ride cashier. More than one person can use the ride card. You keep using the card to buy your ride tickets until all the value is used up.

How does the Ekka Ride Card work?
The customer purchases an Ekka Ride Card voucher through the Ekka website.  This voucher is then presented to any Ekka Information Booth in exchange for an Ekka Ride Card. To use the Ekka Ride Card, all the customer does is present it to the ride cashier booth for scanning.  A ride ticket is printed and the ticket is given to the ride gatekeeper on entry.

When can I purchase an Ekka Ride Card?
Ride Card vouchers can be purchased from now up until midnight on Ekka Eve, Thursday 10 August 2017. Ride Card vouchers cannot be purchased once Ekka starts on Friday 11 August 2017.

Where can I use the Cards?
The Ride Cards can be used on any participating adult or child's rides in or around Sideshow Alley or other areas as nominated by the RNA from time to time.  The card cannot be used for games, pony rides or other Ekka attractions.

Do I have to buy a gate ticket with the $80 card?
Yes. The $80 Ekka Ride Card can only be purchased as part of Rider Family Value Pack or Ultimate Family Value Pack.  If you don't want to buy a gate ticket with the Ride Card included then the $40 Ekka Ride Card can be purchased as a single item until midnight on Ekka Eve, Thursday 10 August 2017.

Can I buy multiple Ekka Ride Cards?
Yes. The $40 Ekka Ride card voucher can be purchased as many times as you want from the Ekka website until midnight on Ekka Eve, Thursday 10 August 2017.

What if I have some money left on the card but not enough money for the full price of a ride?
At the ride operators discretion, any value remaining on a card can be used in conjunction with cash. That is, a ride can be purchased using cash and card. In addition, multiple cards can be used to make up the price of a ride ticket.

Can I get back the money I have left on the card?
No. There are no refunds provided for any unused value remaining on the card. However, you can (i) use the card in combination with cash or (ii) use multiple cards to make up the price of a ride.

Can I buy the Ekka Ride Card through RACQ?
No. Ekka ride cards can only be purchased through the Ekka website.