Agricultural Hall

Agricultural Hall presented by seqwater

Learn about agriculture

The Agricultural Hall presented by seqwater features plenty of ag-ucational activities for children, including the Field to Fork interactive rural journey.

It’s vital the next generation understands that everything starts with agriculture, from the food they eat to the clothes they wear.

Ekka is Queensland’s largest classroom, with more than 30,000 children inspired, educated and entertained each year over the 10 days of show.

Field to Fork

Kids will once again be taken on a rural journey, as they discover how food gets from the field to their fork. In order of the agricultural cycle - composting, soil analysis, growing and planting, harvesting and processing - they’ll take part in the following activities:

Innovation Hub

New to the Agricultural Hall presented by seqwater this year is the Innovation Hub. It will be a showcase of agricultural innovation and what the future of farming may look like.

Seqwater Stand

Kids and adults will love exploring the Seqwater Stand and discovering all things water!

There kids will be able to gain an understanding about how water works, ways to conserve water through everyday sustainable practices and planning for the future including alternative sources of water.


Build more than sandcastle's in this sandpit! Under a projector, the seemingly normal sandboxes become virtual topographical maps, with a sensor detecting changes in the elevation of sand in real time, allowing kids (and adults!) to create their own hills, valleys and lakes and simulate rainfall. These virtual reality sandboxes show the importance of our catchments, how dams work and what happens during droughts and floods.

Adults will have the chance to sample Seqwater's special brew - coffee blended with desalinated water (seawater without the salt). Produced at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant, desalinated water is already a part of South East Queensland's water supply and an important source of water in the future.

Capture the experience with a photo in Seqwater's photo booth. You'll have an awesome keepsake to take home with you and make a pledge about the ways you save water in your community.

You'll find many more ag-ucational activities in the Ag Hall from 'bee-ing' amazed at different types of honey to diving into learning about the Great Barrier Reef.

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