Ekka's Dagwood Dog Eating Competition


It’ll be man versus food, when competitors face off in Ekka’s Dagwood Dog Eating Competition supported by Keppel Dogs.

These competitors will be hungry for a win, as they compete across two classes - Open Amateur and Professional.

They will race against the clock and each other in a bid to be the first to eat 20 full size dagwood dogs in under 10 minutes.

This event is sanctioned by Competitive Eating Australia. 


  • 1st Prize - Cal “HulkSmashFood” Stubbs
  • 2nd Prize - Michael “The Machine” Stonier
  • 3rd Prize - Jason “King Jase” Peters

Open Amateur

  • 1st Prize - Mimi Zhang
  • 2nd Prize - Hendrika Guanz
  • 3rd Prize  - Wu-Hsien “Big Paul” Ting

Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Sarah Biddle
Email: sbiddle@ekka.com.au
Phone: 07 3253 3949
Mobile: 0427 150 170
RNA Reception: 07 3253 3900