Race Around Ekka presented by Activate Ed

Race Around Ekka

Race Around Ekka 

Students work in small teams of six to plan, script, locate, perform in, direct, shoot, edit and produce an advertisement while working against the clock.

Just like a professional film crew, student teams will spend the day at Ekka shooting footage. They will then have a 24-hour turnaround to produce a video by close of business the following day. Their advert must appeal to the target market and meet the project requirements listed in the creative brief.

The competition allows students to develop:

  • An understanding of the structure and features of a short film
  • An understanding of camera angles, movement and shots in constructing a screen based narrative
  • Practical production skills
  • Team work, time management and planning skills

Task 1 (students in year 7-10) are to create one 30 second advertisement highlighting one competition displayed at the Ekka.

Task 2 (students in year 11-12) are to create one 90 second documentary about the people that bring the Ekka to the city.

Australian Curriculum Alignment

This competition is aligned and recommended for Year 9 -10 students, however year levels 7-12 are welcome to enter.

Media Arts

Year 9 - 10

Content Descriptions



Develop and refine media production skills to integrate and shape the technical and symbolic elements in images, sounds and text for a specific purpose, meaning and style (ACAMAM075)

Produce and distribute media artworks for a range of community and institutional contexts and consider social, ethical and regulatory issues (ACAMAM077)

Senior Syllabus 219 Alignment

Race Around Ekka presented by Activate Ed will provide Real Authentic Learning experiences.

Involving students in their local community will help to ensure that learning experiences are authentic and interesting. Making moving-image media products will be more meaningful if students:

  • have real audiences, such as a local or school audience, an audience associated with a film festival or competition, or an online audience for their products
  • interact with guest speakers from the industry
  • take part in excursions to cinemas and film and television studios

Unit 4: Identity

Area of Study: Technologies

How do media artists experiment with technological practices?

Area of Study: Representations

How do media artists portray people, places, events, ideas and emotions?

For detailed subject matter please refer to QCAA Film, Television & New Media General 2019 V1.2 General Senior Syllabus -Queensland


Important Dates
03 February 2020
Entries open
24 July 2020
Entries close
24 July 2020
Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Education Department
Email: education@rna.org.au
Phone: 07 3253 3900
RNA Reception: 07 3253 3900