Student Photography

Competition Overview 

Those with an eye for photography can submit their work in the Photography Competition.

The Student Photography class encourages emerging artists to showcase their budding talents and recognises and rewards the next generation of passionate photographers.

This competition is aligned and recommended for Year 9 & 10 students. However, all year levels are welcome to enter.

Australian Curriculum Alignment:

Year 9 & 10

  • Develop and refine media production skills to integrate and shape the technical and symbolic elements in images, sounds and text for a specific purpose, meaning and style (ACAMAM075)

  • Plan and design media artworks for a range of purposes that challenge the expectations of specific audiences by particular use of production processes (ACAMAM076)

Although the 2020 Ekka was cancelled, the Photography Competition was able to proceed in a modified format as part of Ekka 2020 Online.


Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Frances Maguire
RNA Reception: 07 3253 3900