Giant Pumpkin Competition

Giant Pumpkin Competition supported by Pillow Talk

Good 'gourd'!

Year 1

The Royal Queensland Show (Ekka’) Giant Pumpkin Competition supported by Pillow Talk is an iconic Ekka event, with the 2019 competition set to pack on the pounds for both the pumpkins and the prize pool.

It will be a grand for the grand champion, with Champion Heaviest Pumpkin of Show prize to tip the scales at $1,000. The prize money for the School and Youth Classes are also set to increase, with a total prize pool of $400 up for grabs (a bonus of $200 extra for schools if their pumpkins can pack on more than 50kg.)

For the past five years, the Ekka’s iconic Giant Pumpkin Competition has been held outside of August to allow growers to take advantage of the premium growing season, leading to larger than life giant orange vegetables.

The gigantic winners will be on display in the Agricultural Hall during the show from 9 -18 August 2019.

Open Now! Plant your Pumpkin Seeds before the end of January and grow the biggest pumpkin to win! Contact for your free Giant Atlantic Pumpkin seeds and Growing Information pack.


Australian Curriculum Alignment

This competition is aligned and recommended for year 1 students, however all year levels are welcome to enter.

Year 1



Biological sciences

Living things have a variety of external features (ACSSU017)

Nature and development of science

Science involves observing, asking questions about, and describing changes in, objects and events (ACSHE021)


The weather and seasons of places and the ways in which different cultural groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, describe them (ACHASSK032)

  • Elaboration - describing the daily and seasonal weather of their place by its rainfall, temperature, sunshine and wind, and comparing it with the weather of other places that they know or are aware of.
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Important Dates
26 April 2019
Entries Close
04 May 2019 08:30 - 09:30
Delivery of Exhibits
04 May 2019 09:30 - 11:00
Judging and Awards Presentation
Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Stephanie Dell
Phone: 3253 3936
RNA Reception: 3253 3900
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