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Giant Pumpkin Competition

Giant Pumpkin Competition presented by Pillow Talk

Good 'gourd'!

The 2018 'pump-king' was awarded to Marburg’s Steven Fritz and his 206kg pumpkin. Steven outgrew the veggie patch kings to take home the coveted title of Champion Heaviest Pumpkin of Show, with his gigantic gourd ending Minden father and son Geoff and Tony Frohloff’s four year winning streak.

Some of the giant pumpkins will return to the Brisbane Showgrounds in August, to be displayed in the Agricultural Education Hall during Ekka.


Champion Heaviest Pumpkin of Show: Steven Fritz – 206kg

Class 1 – Open:

1st Steven Fritz – 206kg
2nd Tony Frohloff – 140kg
3rd Geoff Frohloff – 135.5kg

Class 2 – School:

1st Bullyard State School – 40kg
2nd St Patricks College – 8.5kg
3rd Bowenville State School – 8kg

Class 3 – Youth:

1st Jordan Frohloff – 61.5kg
2nd Dylan Frohloff – 36.5kg
3rd Riley Frohloff – 24.5kg

Giant Atlantic pumpkins are best planted in the months of December and January as they take around four and a half months to mature. Seeds can be purchased from Eden Seeds (ph 07 5533 117) or email us at to enquire about local retailers.


What you need to know to grow an award-winning giant pumpkin:

  • Plant your Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seed by the end of December 2017 to ensure it has enough time to grow
  • Your pumpkin patch should be well drained, spacious and sunny, but in a wind protected area
  • Your pumpkin will grow all Summer. Be sure to fertilise and water regularly, but don’t over water as it may rot. They have a lot of growth to do (3.5-5.5kg per day) so your pumpkins need weekly feeding with liquid manure or liquid compost
  • A giant pumpkin takes approximately four and a half months to grow – about 70 to 90 days before any fruit appears on the vine
  • Once established, prune back your vine to one fruit – less competition for the big fruit
  • The fruit matures in Autumn
  • A pumpkin is mature when the skin of the pumpkin hardens off and begins to look a bit rough. A giant pumpkin will only last approximately two months once cut off the vine. Never cut a giant pumpkin off the vine until it is ready for competition, unless you think rot or disease may kill the fruit early if left on the vine
Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Aneita Erksine-Wyse
Phone: 3253 3935
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