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The Cookery Competition is set to heat up in 2018 as amateur cooks whip up delicious creations from perfect salted caramel patty cakes, intricately decorated cakes to perfect preserves!

It wouldn't be an Ekka competition without the show staples, with classes for the traditional scones and fruit cakes to decorated biscuits and decadent rocky roads.

New in 2018
The Fine Arts Committee is excited to introduce a new section into the Cookery Competition this year called Live Judging. This exciting new class will see a small number of classes judged in front of a live audience on Friday the 10th of August (the first day of the show) at the Fine Arts Demonstration Stage located at the Lower Level of Royal International Convention Centre.

The judging will be open to the general public to view and will provide an insight into the judging processes that the whole Cookery Competition undertakes.

This year's Live Judging Classes include:

  • Boiled Fruit Cake
  • Chocolate Bar Cake
  • Marmalade - Orange
  • Anzac Biscuits

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