Alpacas & Alpaca Fleeces

Alpacas & Alpaca Fleeces

Competition Overview 

This competition showcases all kinds of classes and different breeds of Alpacas and fleeces.

The alpaca exhibits are shown across eight colour classes, with colour variations assessed at the Judge's discretion. These classes are:

  • White  - a pristine bright white fleece
  • Light Fawn - cream or 'off white fleeces
  • Fawn (Medium and Dark)
  • Brown (Light, Medium and Dark) 
  • Roan - a fawn, brown or black alpaca with white fibres throughout the fleece.
  • Grey -A predominantly grey alpaca is to be shown in a grey class
  • Black
  • Fancy - alpacas with an unusual or striking distribution of colour e.g. different coloured saddle markings

Useful Information

Contact Competition Coordinator
Phone: 07 3253 3900