Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Information Booklet - How to Judge Show Animals


How to Judge Stud Beef & Led Steers

How to Judge Meat Sheep

How to Judge Poultry

Judging Videos - Watch & Judge!

Stud Beef

SET 1: Stud Beef [Charolais Bulls] - Stills

Led Steer

SET 1: Led Steer [Light Weight] - Stills

SET 2: Led Steer [Medium Weight] - Stills

Dairy Cattle

SET 1: Dairy Cattle [Jersey Cows] - Stills

SET 2: Dairy Cattle [Guernsey Heifers - Dry] - Stills

Stud Sheep

SET 1: Stud Sheep [Texel Rams] - Stills

SET 2: Stud Sheep [Texel Ewes] - Stills

Dairy Goats

SET 1: Dairy Goats [Anglo-Nubian] - Stills

Dairy Goat #1Dairy Goat #2Dairy Goat #3Dairy Goat #4


13 Months6 years3 years3 years

Lactation Number


Pregnancy Status

3 months in kidCurrently not in kid4 months in kid1 week pre kidding


SET 1: Horse - Stills


SET 1: Poultry- Stills

We would like to thank the following exhibitors for their support and for allowing us to showcase their animals in this competition:

  • Brendan Scheiwe from Brendale Charolais
  • Jason Beattie from JDH Fitting Service
  • Scots PGC College
  • Peter Hood from Hood Plain View
  • Jasmin and Chloe Wilson from Jazstar
  • Owen Glover
  • Laurie and Denise Dunne from Fernybank
  • Brett Welsh and Melanie Marshall Welsh from Allstars Australian Performance Horses