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Queensland's best aquarium enthusiasts get ready to make a splash in the Pisciculture Competition presented by PETstock.

‘Anyfin’ is possible in the Pisciculture Competition this year, with 34 new fighting fish (betta splendens) classes introduced and over 400 fish competing in what will be Australia's largest Betta Splendens Competition.

With fighting fish increasing in popularity, we’ve also flown in two international judges from Thailand (where fighting fish originated from) for judging on the first day of Ekka.

The competitive fish are marked on five qualities, including aggression – it’s sure to be interesting as they go head to head through their glass tanks. Some of the competitors have even flown their prized fighting fish over from Thailand, while others have imported them from overseas.  

Common goldfish, exotic tropical and freshwater fish as well as crustaceans, amphibians and even aquatic plants will be judged prior to the show and will be on display in the Royal ICC throughout Ekka. Drop by and see all the vibrant colours, the range of sizes and especially the more unique breeds.