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Ekka Cow Paddock

Ekka Cow Paddock

In a true display of bringing the country to the city, more than 1,600 head of Queensland's best cattle will descend on the Brisbane Showgrounds during Ekka. Learn from beef cattle farmers themselves at Ekka Cow Paddock, plus take part in a new virtual reality experience.

The farmers will be on hand to talk about the different cuts, fat layers and what’s involved in raising beef cattle and breeds such as Shorthorn, Bazadaise and Angus will all be on display.

They’ll see how beef cattle are cared for on farm and witness the advanced technology taking the world’s best beef from paddock to plate. They’ll also meet cattle breeders and students conducting special presentations and participate in interactive displays.

Beef And The Bush

Beef cattle farming is one of Australia's largest agricultural industries, extending over almost half of the Australian land mass. It's a lot bigger than most people think and spans across many industries.