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Animal Boulevard

Talk to the animals

Animal Boulevard is Ekka's one stop shop for all creatures great and small - all of your favourite animals at the one location! Ekka guests can get up close to some of the cutest and cuddliest animals around, watch horse demonstrations and learn from beef cattle farmers. 

Ekka guests can get close to hundreds of animals, further their knowledge of Queensland’s primary industries, watch demonstrations of traditional farm and bush skills and get involved with interactive displays.

Entry to Animal Boulevard is free – it’s time to talk to the animals!

RACQ Animal Nursery  

Home to Ekka’s cutest and cuddliest animals, the RACQ Animal Nursery is a family favourite. Ekka guests, especially the kids, will love getting up close to more than 550 farmyard animals on their adventure through the nursery. They’ll get to feed, pat and interact with all of their favourites including calves, lambs, ducklings and goats. The RACQ Animal Nursery provides the perfect opportunity for kids to interact with farmyard animals they don’t normally see in their everyday lives.  


Teeny, tiny and utterly adorable piglets can be found at the popular Pat-A-Pig display in the RACQ Animal Nursery. Now in its third year, children and families of all ages will love cuddling and playing with these charming little creatures.


Watch on as cute baby chicks hatch from eggs in a special incubator in the RACQ Animal Nursery, taking their first moments in life. Ekka guests can then get to know them even better by cradling them in the palm of their hands. This is one experience the kids are sure to chirp about!    

Horse Breeds Expo  

Horse around and get to know the 10 different breeds on show at the Horse Breeds Expo. From the heavy Clydesdale to the light footed Waler and from the beautiful Appaloosa and Pintos to the rare and small Fjord. Ekka guests will love watching the demonstrations put on by each breed and learning about their favourite horses. They’ll also get to meet the Rooftop Express cast from EkkaNITES. Dave Manchon, Mikayla Jade and Donal Hancock will take them behind the scenes, showing them what is possible with horses, cattle and working dogs. These equine artists will open up their training playbooks and discuss the hows and whys of what it takes to bring their equine production together and some of the most credentialed performance horses in Australia will make an appearance. See them each day at 11am and 2pm.

Breeds on show

  • Fjord
  • Waler
  • Pinto
  • Morgan
  • Clydesdale
  • Australian Draught Horse
  • Appaloosa
  • Connemara
  • Thoroughbred
  • Percheron

Legendairy Milking Barn  

Bring out your inner farmer and milk a cow for yourself at the Legendairy Milking Barn. Students from Nambour State High School will present 60 milking demonstrations that are both entertaining and informative. Ekka guests will learn about the art of separating cream and butter from milk and the top tips on how the experts make the best cream and butter. They’ll then have the chance to put their new skills to the test and milk a cow (9:30am-3:30pm on the half hour, except for 12:30pm, daily).

Sheep Shearing

See some good old fashioned sheep shearing demonstrated by seasoned professionals in the RACQ Animal Nursery. The farmers will show Ekka guests the old-style of hand shearing, along with new, easier shearing techniques including using electric shears. They might also catch some celebrities up on stage embracing their inner farmer and giving shearing a go (10am-3pm on the hour, daily).

Remember to always wash your hands.