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Technology Precinct

Technology Precinct

Technology Precinct

From interactive virtual reality (VR) experiences to the latest in agri-tech, the new technology hub in the upper Royal International Convention Centre will give Ekka guests a glimpse into the future.

The Technology Precinct will feature the latest in technology and innovation, showing Ekka visitors young and old how tech is changing the world and teaching them about the future of farming.

Virtual Barambin

In a never before seen virtual reality experience, Ekka visitors will feel like they’ve stepped into a 3D time machine as they walk in the footsteps of Indigenous people from the 1770s.

Virtual Songlines has created an educational VR game especially for Ekka - even using satellite data to accurately show what the Brisbane Showgrounds land looked like all those centuries ago.

With VR headsets on, Ekka guests will explore the land - collecting historical artefacts, building huts and starting fires.

During the interactive cultural experience, they’ll learn Indigenous stories of the Bowen Hills area, see information about the artefacts they collect (which are based on those found in the museum) and even learn the Indigenous language.

A team of seven people from Virtual Songlines created the virtual reality game, which features three headsets.

Snow Slingers VR Experience

Take a trip to the snow without setting foot outside sunny Queensland, at the Snow Slingers VR experience created by Lightweave.

By putting on a VR headset, Ekka visitors will be transported to a chilly snow environment where they’ll sling snowballs at each other.

This multi-player snowball fight gives users 60 seconds to score the highest amount of points.

With the competitors immersed in a winter wonderland, Ekka visitors can also watch the snow battles on a big screen TV.

Snow Slingers was designed by Lightweave - a leader in the virtual and augmented reality space in Australia.

Drone Flying

Find out what it takes to be a drone pilot at Ace Aviation Drone Flying.

Taking the controls, Ekka guests will fly micro-drones around an obstacle course in a netted area, seeing how well they can manoeuvre them.

There will also be flight simulators and drones on display. Ace Aviation is an industry leader in drone pilot training.

Virtual Reality Eggs by Big Fun

Experience the latest Virtual Reality pods today!!

Strap yourself in, pop on the VR goggles and get ready to be blown away as their moving motion eggs take you to another dimension!

They have VR Simulations for any age from 3 to 100 - it's an experience that has to be seen to be believed!!

Come and visit them in the Technology Precinct.