Dairy & Angora Goats

Meet a goat

They’ve 'goat' milk and are ready to compete at Ekka in one of the largest annual gatherings of dairy goats in Queensland.

The Dairy Goat Competition sees breeds including Anglo-Nubian, Australian Melaan or Australian Brown, British Alpine, Saanen and Toggenburg judged on their physical attributes and their ability to produce top-quality dairy products.

A highlight of the competition is the Dairy Goat Junior Handlers. These young competitors don’t kid around – see them decked out in white coats parading around their beloved animals.

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You'll also find Angora goats with long luxurious locks at Ekka. They're best known for producing the fibre known as mohair and are judged on their physical attributes and fleece. 

Full Competition Details

Full Competition Details

Location: Mi-Feed Pavilion

Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm