A COVID Safe Show


2021 Ekka is cancelled. To read the full statement - click here


The RNA is delighted to be able to bring the country and the city together again at this year’s comeback Ekka.

After its historic cancellation last year due to the pandemic, the People’s Show is back and we have planned a COVID Safe event for the community to enjoy.

Since last year the RNA has been working closely with Queensland Health and there are a series of measures we will introduce this year to ensure the people of Queensland come back together safely.

These include:

  • Capped daily numbers
  • Online tickets only
  • Mandatory masks
  • Real time crowd monitoring – indoor pavilions
  • Roving COVID Safe Marshalls
  • Increased hygiene and cleaning measures
  • High touch areas – round the clock cleaning by Hygiene Officers

More than 70 per cent of Ekka is outdoors, from our main arena to baby animal nursery, sideshow alley, kids’ carnival areas and many competition venues, which are not subject to the indoor number restrictions.

The biggest change at Ekka this year will be how people can buy their admission tickets – YOU MUST BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE.  There will be no tickets on sale at the gate. To ensure we manage our capped daily numbers, the public must nominate the day they wish to come to the show and disclose full details for contact tracing.

The RNA will always act in the best interests of public health, which has been our top priority in planning this comeback Ekka. It is also up to the community to do the right thing too so if you are feeling unwell and displaying COVID-like symptoms please don’t come to Ekka.

Frequently Asked Questions

A COVID SAFE EKKA – Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be capped numbers on how many people can enter?

Yes, as part of the COVID Safe measures the Ekka will run at limited numbers with 45,000 tickets available for sale each day. This is to ensure we manage our capped daily numbers and that our indoor restrictions of one person to every two square metres are met. There are no restrictions for outdoor areas. This capped daily number may vary closer to show depending on restrictions in place at the time.

Where can I get a ticket?

Click here to purchase your Ekka tickets.  For early access and great discounts sign up to the Ekka emails and save!

How will the ticketing system change from previous years?

To manage our capped daily numbers, the public must nominate the day they wish to come to the show, buy tickets online and disclose full contact details for contact tracing. There will be no gate sales. With limited tickets available and to avoid missing out, the public are urged to go to ekka.com.au sign up and enjoy discounted pricing now.

What personal information will I need to provide for contact tracing and how?

When purchasing your Ekka ticket online at ekka.com.au you will be required to fill in the following details for all ticket holders including children: full name, phone/mobile, email or residential address.

Are all the same events going to be held or will it be scaled back?

At this year’s comeback Ekka all the unique show traditions the public know and love such as competitions, animals, food, fashion parades, strawberry sundaes, sideshow alley, kids’ carnival, showbags and entertainment will be on offer once again. This year’s Ekka will open on a weekend in a new nine-day format running from Saturday August 7 to Sunday August 15.

How will social distancing be maintained at Ekka this year?

A camera-based counting system will be in place in major indoor pavilions to ensure the one person to every two square metres requirements are met. The monitoring will be available for the public to view in real-time on screens and on an app. The system will advise the public of capacities inside pavilions to assist with customer experience. There are no restrictions in outdoor areas.

Will masks be mandatory?

No, face masks will not be mandatory at Ekka, this is in line with advice from Queensland Health.

What happens if the Queensland Government imposes a COVID lockdown during Ekka?

If the Ekka is closed down due to a Queensland Government COVID lockdown the RNA will provide full refunds to all ticketholders and entry fees will be returned to competitors and exhibitors.