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Do you have a historic photo of Ekka? To celebrate Ekka's 140th we want to showcase its long and proud history of championing Queensland agriculture by creating a historical photo gallery.

If you don't have a digital image, simply take a photo of the original and submit it below to be featured on this page.

Bowen Park 1876 A hot air balloon over the Main Arena The Central Queensland Smokeless Coal Exhibit in the Minerals Competition in 1900 A fruit display at the 1912 Brisbane Exhibition Two girls enjoy early showbags at the Brisbane Exhibition The Woodchopping Competition at the 1907 Brisbane Exhibition Crowds at the 1935 Brisbane Exhibition The Governor of Queensland arriving in 1876 The John McDonald Stand in 1914 overlooking the main arena. Crowds gathering at an exhibit in 1938 A Ferris Wheel in 1918 A horse team in the main arena in 1925 The Women's Industries Display at the 1912 Brisbane Exhibition The Tasmanian Potatoe Pavilion in 1945 The Grand Parade at the 1921 Brisbane Exhibition Crowds at the 1908 Brisbane Exhibition The Brisbane Exhibition 1877 A model house at the very first Brisbane Exhibition in 1876 The Aeroplane Ride in 1938