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Fri 11 to Sun 20 August 2017

Horse and Pony Highlights

Horse and Pony Highlights

(Un)bridled delights

Ekka wouldn't be the same without the majestic horses and the spectacular variety of events they compete in. The horse events draw some of the biggest and most passionate crowds at Ekka. Come along and find fun and excitement for the whole family.

Thoroughbred Day

Magnificent horses take the spotlight as the glitz and glamour of a day at the races comes to Ekka on Thoroughbred Day. Cash and prizes are at stake for Queensland's finest horses as they compete for the coveted title of Supreme Champion Thoroughbred. Men and women wear formal race attire as they lead their horses into the arena.


Competition highlights include awarding Champion Hack of Queensland and Champion Galloway Hack of Queensland. Don’t miss out on watching exhibitors compete to be awarded the Champion of the Breed or the Showjumpers leaping to new heights in the Grand Prix.

Horse Breeds Expo

Horse around with 12 different breeds on show at the Horse Breeds Expo. From colourful Appaloosa and Pinto, to the heavy Percheron and Clydesdale breeds, right down (literally) to the small in stature, but large in life, Miniature and Fjord horses.